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I like music very much and can't do anything without music...

now I'm working and listening to my favorite songs:) 
And do you want to know what kind of music I like ??? 
I like blues very, very much and also rock, pop, rap... 
I like sport very much ! We have football team at our

office and every Sunday we play football. Besides,

I like to swim in swimming pool. 
I like to play table tennis veryyyyyyy much :) 
And if anyone wants to play with me, please.... I'm ready !!! :))) 
I like reading and when I have any free time 

I like to read Andre Morua , Teodor Driser...

I also like armenian poetry veeeeeeery much...

I like Sevak, Sahyan,Teryan, Charents...
I like computer and everything with computer:)

So web design, Java script, Flash.

I already have a new car OPEL.  Now you can find a lots of interesting and helpful information in my web site.




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