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1.   R.Avagyan, A.Daryan, S.Dashyan, D.Hovhannisyan, Z.Kalayjian, D.Meghavoryan and K.Stepanyan, Femtosecond soliton laser pulse propagation in the presence of quasi-continuous radiation through a medium with anomalous dispersion, Optics Communication, v.203, March 2002, pp.371-374. (PDF, 3.052 Kb)

2.   R.Avagyan, A.Daryan, E.Divanyan, D.Hovhannisyan, Z.Kalayjian, D.Meghavoryan, K.Stepanyan, New method of timing jitter measurement in soliton communication systems, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. V.33 (5), June 2002, pp.361-365. (PDF, 1.512 Kb)

3.   D.L. Hovhannisyan, K.G. Stepanyan, Z.K. Kalayjian Propagation of a Femtosecond Laser Pulse Through a Dispersion-Free Spatially-Chirped Medium, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2003 May.(PDF, 4.096 Kb)

4.   D.Hovhannisyan, K.Stepanyan, Femtosecond Laser Pulse Propagation in a Uniaxial Crystal, Journal of Modern Optics, 2003, Vol.50, No.14, 22012211.(PDF, 137 Kb)



1.   D.L Honhanissyan, D.M.Meghavoryan, K.J.Stepanyan, S.G.Dashyan, K.K.Vardanyan, Method of Unidirectional Waves (MUW) in femtosecond soliton analysis, Proceedings of IEEE 2001 3rd International conference, Poland, We.P.20, pp.291-294: ICTON2001.(PDF, 200 Kb)

2.   R.Avagyan, A.Daryan, E.Divanyan, A.Harutunyan, D.Hovhannisyan, Z.Kalayjian, D.Meghavoryan, K.Stepanyan,''A New Type of Soliton'', IQEC / LAT, 22 28 June, N 126, Moscow, Russia, 2002.(NA)

3.   D.Meghavoryan, K.Stepanyan and Zaven Kalayjian, DWDM ring network with cascaded optical modulators, Proceedings of IEEE 5th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks: ICTON 2003.(PDF, 3.052Kb)

4.   David Hovhannisyan, Komitas Stepanyan, Razmik Avagyan "Computational Modeling of Second Harmonic Generation by Femtosecond Laser Pulse of a Few Optical Cycles" Proceedings of Conference on Laser Physics-98,  October 14-17, Ashtarak, Armenia, 2003.(PDF, 133 Kb)



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